By Jack Morris

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The photo on the left wasn’t my first day starting in the gym, I had been consistently hitting the gym for years at this point.

This was the day I decided something had to change.

The thing is, I wasn’t able to progress past this for years. Yes, I had some definitions, but I was stuck at a plateau. I was unhappy with my physical condition, but even more unhappy mentally.

I tried so many things but nothing seemed to work.

It was always difficult for me to put on size or to get defined without becoming stick thin.

I wanted both. Some extra muscle mass but also to get lean with visible abs all year round.

That’s when I realised it was more than just a workout routine and a few meal preps that I needed to change.

I spent some time researching and soon came to realise I needed to change my whole mindset, and my daily habits, cut out inflammatory foods and be mindful of the things I do outside of the gym. These changes are what put me in a better state of mind almost instantly, and in turn helped motivate my transformation journey, both physically and mentally.

My workout plan, diet tips, and mindset plan

My full personal workout routine is to quickly melt away fat whilst maintaining or slowly adding muscle mass.

I’m sharing with you the full structured routine that has allowed me to achieve my physical and mental goals without revolving my life around the gym and meal preps.

You’ll quickly find that applying new exercises to your workouts, eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet, and tweaking your lifestyle habits will yield almost instant results.

Work towards your goals physically and mentally using the 3 fundamentals of this program: Workout, diet, and mindset, which can be repeated each month.


This workout plan consists of bodyweight, free weight, machine, and HIT cardio exercises in a variety of formats designed to turn you into a fat-burning machine, whilst at the same time adding on lean muscle. For all fitness levels.

The plan takes 28 days to complete but should be repeated monthly for optimal results.


A combo of intermit fasting and eliminating inflammatory foods. I’ve found these are the two biggest contributors to a shredded physique.

This program will teach you how to build healthy eating habits without starving yourself or feeling burdened by your diet.


The most important part – mindset.

What you do outside of the gym, what you do first thing in the morning, and right before you sleep… It makes a big difference. This program will help you create beneficial habits around your workouts to leave you feeling happy, clear-minded, and empowered.